Kirsten Frost began his interest in photography at a young age with a small ‘point-and-shoot’ camera in hand.

Kirsten Frost Photo Safaris

His work soon became recognised in the South African photography scene, and by the age of 16 he was sponsored professional level equipment by Outdoorphoto. His wildlife photography was seen gracing the covers of national magazines before the tender age of 18. Kirsten’s passion for Africa’s wild places led him to further his studies in the field of Nature Conservation. After successfully completing his studies, he went on to gain experience in the field, with a particular interest in wetland ecosystems.

Kirsten went on to be awarded in international photographic competitions and soon secured a dream job as a photographic guide at Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana, where he shared his knowledge on wildlife photography and the natural environment with guests. He was awarded 2017 Botswana Wildlife Photographer of The Year for his captivating portfolio created at Mashatu.

Perhaps more meaningful than the occasional award is Kirsten’s contribution to conservation intiatives such as the massively successful Prints for Wildlife intiative which raised US$660,200 for African Parks through the sale of wildlife prints by some the world’s most talented names in wildlife photography. Kirsten’s wildlife fine-art prints have been donated to Malamala Private Game Reserve in South Africa where he leads wildlife photo tours, for community projects and anti-poaching initiatives. Remembering Wildlife is yet another world-renown project where his nature prints have been donated for the benefit of wildlife conservation in Africa. FROST Prints with Purpose is an initiative raising funds for the management of protected areas, conservation of key wildlife species and support of indigenous communities through wildlife & cultural print sales on this website.

Kirsten now plans and leads cultural and wildlife photo tours worldwide, where he travels with guests to awe-inspiring photographic destinations as he tutors photography. His interest in photographing cultures began when he started travelling to some of the world’s most remote destinations. Frost’s future expeditions are sure to be exciting adventures pushing the boundaries of creativity in search of incredible images and videos. Connect on social media below:

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