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Smoking Portrait – African Cultural Print


Photographed in one of the wildest corners of Africa – Ethiopia’s Omo Valley. Sadly, development and the ravages of modernization are threatening this unique tribe, and as such authentic portraits of the people of the Surma area are, unfortunately, not something that will be attainable in the future. Own a fine art print of some of the most remarkable tribal people on Earth, a true celebration of the world’s diverse cultural heritage. 15% of all proceeds from Ethiopia cultural prints are donated through FROST Prints with Purpose to Healing Hands of Joy, a non-profit organization that exists to bring hope, happiness and a second chance to women affected by obstetric fistula in rural communities of Ethiopia.



Fine art Photographic Paper
We use the highest quality premium archival art papers which offer archival standards regarding density, colour range, colour graduation and image sharpness while preserving the touch and feel of genuine art paper. This is the most popular print medium for the FROST Print Collection.


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Medium (Edition of 20): 33x50cm / 13×19,7", Large (Edition of 20): 60x90cm / 23.6×35.4", X Large (Edition of 10): 80x120cm / 31.5×47.2"